Applying to Yale-NUS

We read every application that we receive and our goal is to build a diverse and dynamic student community here. Since every applicant is a different person with their own unique passions and talents, there is no magical combination of application components that guarantee admission. If you are not admitted in Round 1 of the full admissions cycle, you may not re-apply in Round 2. If you are deferred from Round 1, your application will be considered again in the following round.

You can, however, re-apply in the next admissions cycle. However, materials that you send directly to Yale e. You may write about particular challenges in your personal statement, but it is always a good idea to have your counsellor explain the situation. We seek to build a diverse student body, comprising the best and brightest students from all backgrounds.

We cannot predict the quantity or quality of applications, and as such, we will not pre-determine the number of candidates whom we will admit from any particular country. Our officers are familiar with educational systems and credentials from around the world. If you do not have a GPA or a rank, please leave those spaces blank.

Official and certified translations must accompany any documents that are not written in English.

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Application to Yale-NUS is merely an expression of interest and you do not need to withdraw from any other school at which you are holding an offer of admission. Students who have already started university level education are welcome to apply. However, Yale-NUS College does not accept transfer credits as we want all our students to undergo the shared intellectual experience of the Common Curriculum in the first 2 years of their undergraduate programme.

If you apply to our College and are accepted, you will be expected to enter our College as a first year student in the fall semester together with the rest of the incoming class. Since Yale-NUS College does not accept transfer credits, the application process is the same as if you were applying straight from high school. Please refer to this link for more information. Yale-NUS College does not grant credit or advanced standing for previous academic work as we want all our students to undergo the shared intellectual experience of the Common Curriculum in the first 2 years of their undergraduate programme.

Yale-NUS College reads any submitted application with consideration for admission. However, Yale-NUS College does not consider transfer applications any differently from any other application. All applications from students who have already completed studies at another institution must still go through the standard Admissions application process as outlined here. No, it is not possible to receive transfer credit from any university or college studies that took place prior to applying to Yale-NUS College.

All applicants who have submitted an admissions application to Yale-NUS College are automatically considered for merit scholarships. Applicants who have also submitted a financial aid application are considered for merit scholarships like all other students. Merit scholarships are only awarded at your point of admission and will not be awarded in subsequent years of study. For students serving Singapore military service, fee rates are set at the year you accept the admissions offer.

For all other students without Singapore military service obligations, fee rates are set at the year you matriculate, even if you have military service obligations in your home country.


The Financial Aid Office considers financial assistance for payment towards Yale-NUS subsidized tuition fees and residential college fees collectively known as Cost of Attendance. The Financial Aid Office does not provide funding for living expenses, cost of travel or incidental expenses.

Students may enquire with the Centre for International and Professional Experience CIPE on funding opportunities for study abroad semesters, internships and programmes during vacation periods e. Yale Summer Session. They are not meant to fund living expenses, cost of travel or incidental expenses. At this point, there is no cash disbursement. If your merit scholarship has an allowance component, the allowance is deposited into your Singapore bank account. However, students must provide Singapore bank account details to the National University of Singapore, through the Student Information System, EduRec, in order to receive the allowance.

There is no need to submit a separate merit scholarship application. All Yale-NUS merit scholarships are awarded for the duration of 8 semesters 4 academic years and there is no need for re-application. Yes, you may. If these fees are not totally covered by your merit scholarship, you may submit a financial aid application during the application period for consideration. Many Singapore-based organisations that award merit scholarships cater primarily to Singapore Citizens and Singapore Permanent Residents. International students should consider exploring funding or merit scholarship opportunities in their home country.

The application period varies depending on whether you are a new applicant, deferred matriculation student or a returning student. Applicants who are invited for an admissions interview will also be invited to apply for financial aid. There are different submission deadlines depending on whether the applicant is applying in Round 1 or Round 2. Please refer to this website for more information. The application cycle will open in January of your matriculation year.

An email will be sent from the Financial Aid Office with information on how to apply, the supporting documents required and the application deadline. If you do not hear from us by the beginning of February of your matriculation year, please write to financialaid yale-nus. The application cycle will open on 1 March, for the next academic year starting August. An email will be sent from the Financial Aid office with information on how to apply and the supporting documents required. All applications must be submitted by the 1 May deadline.

Applicants will be informed by the Financial Aid Office via email when the application opens. They will then be required to submit an online application form the link will be provided in email. After submitting the application, applicants must upload required supporting documents. The list of supporting documents can be found here.

Students who have not applied for financial aid before are not excluded from future application cycles. The financial aid application season opens on 1 March for returning students and closes on 1 May. All applications must be submitted by 1 May. Financial aid is awarded for one academic year and students are required to submit a new application if they wish to be considered for each subsequent academic year.

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The value of financial aid may change from year to year due to changes in family financial circumstances. All decisions on study awards are based on a thorough review of all documents submitted. If your financial circumstances have changed substantially or you have additional information that you did not submit previously, you may contact the Financial Aid Office at financialaid yale-nus.

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Financial aid is processed and awarded before the start of every academic year. Students will not be able to apply for financial aid after the start of the academic year. For returning students, the financial aid application opens on 1 March every year and closes on 1 May. All applications with supporting documents must be submitted by the 1 May deadline. Please send the terms and conditions of the external award to financialaid yale-nus. If your parents are unable to provide tax records, they should provide alternative documentation, such as a statutory declaration on how much they earned in the period requested for.

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Note that income does not merely refer to employment income. It also includes income from trade, investments such as rental income and dividend income and business, amongst others. If the statutory declaration is made in Singapore, your parents should sign it in the presence of a Commissioner for Oaths or Notary Public as witness. If the statutory declaration is made in a Commonwealth country, your parents should sign it in the presence of a Notary Public, Justice of the Peace or other authorised person under the law of that country as witness.

If the statutory declaration is made in a country that is not part of the Commonwealth, it will have to be made before a consul, vice consul or other authorised person under the law of that country as witness. Financial aid applications are based on income data from 2 years ago.

For example, students matriculating in will have their applications assessed using family income data. Therefore, parents changing jobs in the present or foreseeable future will have no impact on the current application. However, these job and income changes will be taken into account in subsequent financial aid applications. Both divorced parents must provide tax documents if the divorce occurred after the end of the income period requested for.

If the divorce occurred before or during the income period requested for, then income documents pertaining to the non-custodial parent need not be submitted. For example, if we request for tax documents pertaining to income earned in but your parents had their divorce finalized in , then tax documents pertaining to income earned in for the non-custodial parent need not be submitted. However, the non-custodial parent must provide information on alimony and child support payments made in In the case of separated parents i.

Students who spend a second semester abroad typically pay fees directly to their host college and not to Yale-NUS. Therefore, students who spend a second semester abroad may not receive funding from their study awards or merit scholarships.


You must re-apply for financial aid during the regular application cycle. The application cycle runs from 1 March to 1 May and this is the only opportunity to apply for financial aid for the academic year starting in July. Missing the 1 May deadline may mean a student will not receive financial aid for the upcoming academic year.

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Toggle navigation. Materials that you send directly to Yale University e. Please note that utilising this option will not affect your admission to Yale University as our admissions offices are separate and make individual admission decisions.

go here Use this checklist to ensure that you have the right documentation to complete your application. You can also download a copy of the checklist here. Common Application with Yale University. This form includes personal information, co-curricular achievements, short answers and 2 personal essays. Give yourself enough time to complete the form!

If your final examination results are not yet available, please ask your teachers to send us your predicted grades and preliminary examination grades. Please provide 2 teacher recommendations from teachers who have taught you in an academic subject. It is always a good idea to give your teachers advance notice we think that months is fair if you want them to write you a recommendation letter.

If you are schooled in Singapore or in a country that does not offer the SAT, such as China, you are not required to provide standardised tests as part of your application. SAT Subject Tests are recommended but not required. While English language testing is not required, applicants are expected to demonstrate the ability to communicate in writing and speaking at an advanced level.

English language testing is optional. If you feel that the application fee to Yale-NUS College would be a financial hardship, you may request a fee waiver within the application form. Due to the volume of applications received, we are only able to offer interviews to shortlisted applicants. If you are invited for an interview, you should log into your application portal as soon as possible to:.