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Romeo is faced with unrequited love between himself and Rosaline, part of the Capulet house. Incidentally at the party Romeo meets Juliet and falls in love with her a first sight. A short while later Romeo and Juliet get married by a priest called Friar Laurence. After the wedding Tybalt is seen provoking the Montagues and insisting to start a fight.

Meanwhile Juliet is forced into a fixed marriage with a famous, rich lord called Paris. This love is again unrequited, with Juliet having no interest in him. Consequently Juliet goes to Friar Laurence and he gives her a potion to make her look dead on the day of the marriage so when Juliet wakes up she can run away with Romeo. The fatal flaw in this story is when Romeo finds Juliet looking dead he commits suicide and when she wakes up to find her lover killed she then slaughters herself.

Compare and Contrast Mercutio and Tybalt Essay - Words | Major Tests

After hearing from the tragedies from both families the Capulet and Montague house end the feud and rivalry and become friendlier with each other. The story first starts with the Montague and Capulet houses having an open street brawl.

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Luhrmann chooses a petrol station for this encounter to create more atmosphere. We first meet Tybalt Capulet at the apocalyptic petrol station fight interpreted by Baz Luhrmann in the opening scene. The audience first witnesses him when he steps out of the Capulet car and the camera zooms in on his feet, putting out a cigarette. This shot demonstrates that Tybalt is a defensive and territorial character. Also this could show his superiority and protectiveness for the Capulet family.

Tybalt is also represented as having an aggressive and violent persona by William Shakespeare in the opening scene. In his eyes the idea to end the rivalry is an insult and a disgrace to him.

When Tybalt says this line he is refuelling the family feud. Tybalt dresses very dignified and superior, when the audience first sees him in the opening scene. Furthermore he is always seen apart from one scene in which he dies , wearing a bullet proof jacket.

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Comparing, Contrasting Shakespeare's Tybalt and Mercutio

This could show that he is all the time ready for a fight and never vulnerable. To back this point up Tybalt is constantly carrying around two pistols with the Capulet logo on them. Curiously he is seen wearing a vest with Jesus printed on the front during the opening fight. This might suggest that the never-ending family feud between the Capulet and Montague families could be because of a religious reason.

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This is supposedly so because he is very agile and swift like a cat. His activities are silkily and smooth and he also has a very accurate aim, in the street brawl Tybalt does not stumble or fall over at all. Tybalt instantly assumes that Romeo is up to no good and a mischief maker when he sees the connection between Romeo and Juliet. Following this Tybalt becomes even more aggravated by this and tries to go out individually to fight the Montagues, without thinking about the possible consequences.

Luhrmann presents this encounter by playing sinister and menacing music to introduce the Capulets; this would give the audience the impression that there will be some sort of disagreement. The music is foreshadowing the epic brawl that is going too happened between the two houses.

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After the Capulets enter, the surrounding public is scared a frightened with an atmosphere of silence and quietness takes over the beach. It is obvious to see that society is afraid of the family feud and prospect of Tybalt starting a fight. True to character, the hot-headed Mercutio starts a quarrel the instant Tybalt requests a word with him, by responding, "make it a word and a blow. Romeo, by contrast, is as passionate about love as Tybalt and Mercutio are about hostility.

Romeo appears, cheerful and contented with having wed Juliet only hours before, and unaware that he's even been challenged to a duel. Until Mercutio dies, Romeo remains emotionally distinct from the other characters in the scene. Romeo walks atop his euphoric cloud buoyed by blissful thoughts of marriage to Juliet, peace, unity, and harmony. In response to Tybalt's attempts to initiate a fight, Romeo tells Tybalt that he loves "thee better than thou canst devise. In Romeo's mind, he has shed his identity as a Montague and has become one with Juliet, his wife.

Romeo's separation echoes the balcony scene where he said "Call me but love…Henceforth I never will be Romeo. While Romeo no longer labels himself Montague, Tybalt still sees Romeo as standing on the wrong side of a clear line that divides the families. Mercutio is disgusted by Romeo's abandonment of traditionally masculine aggression. Tybalt does not understand why Romeo will not respond to his dueling challenge — a traditional mechanism to assert and protect masculine nobility.

Mercutio is less of a duellist but enjoys dancing and drinking, and is forever speaking in puns and making fanciful, rambling speeches Queen Mab speech, 1. The vitality of these two makes them quick to anger, and their bad tempers precipitate the play's tragedy.

Romeo and Juliet Compare and Contrast Essay

Both are young and energetic, but Mercutio's energy is more potent, almost overwhelming. He is forever joking, an essentially happy character who can find humour in everything, including Romeo's misery:. In WriteWork.

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