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Labor union embeddedness, labor migration and immigrant integration , Erika Adrienne Wilkens. Civilian protection and humanitarian organisations: Rationality or culture?

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Disruption and stability: A study of the effects of inter-community mobility on political participation , Hector L. Lacking legitimacy: Race, gender and the social construction of African American women in welfare policy , Dionne Bensonsmith. The separation of powers: A framework for guiding judicial decision making when the executive limits individual liberties during armed hostilities , Amanda DiPaolo. The politics of the American dream: Locke and Puritan thought revisited in an era of open immigration and identity politics , Cyril Arijit Ghosh.

No need to argue: Why does concurrence continue within foreign policy groups despite receiving negative feedback? Impoverished democracy: Economic inequality, residential segregation, and the decline of political participation , Amy Melissa Widestrom.

Welfare populism and the rural poor: Comparing microcredit provision in India , Srikrishna Ayyangar. Between negotiation and confrontation: Understanding China's Taiwan policy redirections in the s , Shang-chih Chen. Sparta in Babylon: Case studies in the public philosophy of soldiers and civilians , Darrell W. A gendered pipeline?

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The advancement of state legislators to Congress in five states , Mack David Mariani. The project of political epistemology, politics and the criteria of truth , Alireza Shomali. In confidence: Information technology, secrecy and the state , R.

Christopher Bronk. Understanding the relationship between new networked information technology and governance in China and South Korea , Jongpil Chung. European Union defense integration and the effects on militarily non-allied member states: The cases of Finland and Sweden , Johan Leif Eliasson. Overcoming ineffective institutions: Alternative approaches to international fisheries conservation , Dexter C.

Who votes for Islamists? A cross-national study of 10 Muslim-majority countries , Ahmed Barziq. Xenophobia and its implications for refugee policies: A cross-national study , Elisa A. Setting the bar: Bright-line indicators in American higher education accreditation , Jacob Allen Martin. Recidivism levels, unemployment programs, and the effects on different characteristics of criminal offenders , Colin Daniel Strickland. An empirical analysis of the effects of juvenile offender placement in adult facilities on recidivism rates , Heather Lorraine Swanson.

American decline and changing global hegemony , Addison Daniel Huygens. American presidents, their personal and psychological characteristics, and their uses of military force , Brendan Mitchell Lichtenberg. Does the money matter? Analyzing the relationship between the change in veteran expenditures and the changes in veteran suicide and homeless rates , Michael Joe Martinez.

Exploring Iowa school district funding: Equity of costs per pupil and rules of the road , Steven David Oberbroeckling. Bridging the skills gap and the rise of the short-term certificate: A case study of a short-term manufacturing certificate at a mid-size comprehensive community college , Valentina Ahedo.

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Women's representation in majlis al shura in Oman: how do gender ideology, Islam, and tribalism matter? Under what conditions, if any, should be abortion legally permissible , Eleni Apostolaki. Trumpism: How agenda setting in the media drove a movement , Angela Jean Caulk. Law, politics, and the creation of public policy: How the two can come together and create better public policy , Jefferson William Fink.

Political Participation in Kosovo , Alisa Hasani. Who Supports Voter Identification? Privatizing prisons: Assessing the claims , James Michael Roller. Intimidating exemplars: the deterrent effect of excellent women in office , Madeline Onute Salucka.

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Constraints that Bind? Conservatism, Burke, and durable independence , Cory Cramer.

Citizen competence and its effect on citizen satisfaction with normative ideals in American democracy , Brett M. Peace talks and two-level games , Iman Hasan. On the determinants of internal armed conflict , Nicholas James Hasty. Comparative state community college return on investment: state funding, local funding, tuition and graduation rates for community colleges , Christopher Neary. Familiarity, religiosity, and authoritarianism: the acceptability of gay rights and same-sex marriage , Kirstin Eddings Sullivan.

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