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The government should legalise betting on cricket, in order to control and regulate it. The cricket board must also be regulated more tightly, as the commercial operation it is, not the volunteer organisation it claims to be. It should recognise that the longer it fails to stamp out corruption, the more tightly it will be controlled. It should start by cracking down on the alleged cheats—not, as in previous scandals, seeking to exonerate them after the dust has settled. Such reforms would be opposed by the same powerful people who aspire to run everything in India, from politics to cricket to banking.

That is why they are so important. Sports and Corruption.

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The childhood is the stage when all our fantasies start to grow. That was the stage when a fantasy about motor bike grew up into my mind and I got interested in driving bike. As my fantasy supported me I started to fulfill my interest and started to learn driving. At that time my uncle They rationalized this corruption by stating that it was not illegal to initiate bribes to government officials.

This was true, however not anymore, the law changed in prohibiting such acts of corruption.

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If a manager at Siemens would have stood up and took a An act done with intent to give some advantage inconsistent with official duty and the rights of others. It includes bribery, but is more comprehensive; because an act may be corruptly done, though the advantage to be derived from it be not offered by another. Sometimes corruption is understood as something against law; such as, Corruption is a word with many meanings and each of them depends on the specific social and political context in which it is used Brown, Nowadays this phenomena is closely connected with political world and business sphere.

In developing countries mainly economic field is attached by this problem. In the s when those countries Corruption is found in the government when instead of thinking about the interests of the citizens as a whole, the members of the government are chiefly interested in promoting their own selfish interests. Corruption is found in both public and private organizations and everyone starting from the clerk to the Managing Director of a company If you contact us after hours, we'll get back to you in 24 hours or less.

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Recommended for You Driving License. Corruption could only be stopped when we follow the fair means to get our job done and stop paying bribe to the officials. We have provided here 5th set of 10 lines on corruption so that you understand the ill effects of corruption and how to curb it. You can use these lines in speech and presentation in any competition or seminar in school or university.

Ex — land and property, awarding tenders, hospitals, IT department, mining etc. Corruption is a curse to the nation. It not only hampers the economic growth and development of a country, but also gives birth to other heinous crimes such as terrorism, illicit human trafficking, prostitution, extortion etc. It is a result of never ending expectation as the rich wants to become richer and poor also wants to have money with him.

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This greediness gives birth to corruption in which those who are in power, influence policies and decisions to benefit themselves or others. Rohit, is a Post Graduate in Computer Science and has many years of writing experience. He likes writing blogs, articles on various Social, Environmental, Technical, Political topics, etc topics. He believes that a change starts from within and if you want to change something it has to start from you.

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