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He questioned the literature on the subject ,settling on a model assumed by Paul Drude and elaborated by Hendrik Lorentz ,which stated in which the electrons on a meta; are considered to behave like a gas.

Bohr enlarged Lorentz model, but still unable to account for singularities. History of an Atom In this day and age, almost every educated middle school student would be able to sketch and label a given diagram of an atom. However, still to this day, not one human has seen what an atom looks like. Our current atomic model, the same one in which you most likely learnt in 5th grade, is really just an educated theory, comprised of years of experimental trials and errors. The atomic theory was first proposed in ancient Greece around BC and has continued to evolve through the centuries to finally evolve into the current theory we have today.

An example of how new knowledge can be gained from falsification is shown in chemistry, specifically in the atomic structures of elements. After experimentation, Ernest Rutherford disagreed with J. If this idea had never been composed, science would have suffered as a result and many scientists would not have been. History of Atomic Structure What is the atomic structure you may ask?

It is composed of a positively charged nucleus containing a certain amount of protons positive , neutrons neutral charge , and electrons negative. The amount of each subatomic particle proton, neutron, and electron all depend on what the element is. Now although this statement may seem fairly simple it was most definitely not.

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Niels Bohr

People have been studying the atomic structure. I am going to discuss the modern concept of the atom.

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I am going to include a diagram for each of these models. In physicist, J. Thomson, shortly after discovering electrons, proposed his Plum-Pudding model of the atom. He based this model on the two facts that he knew at the time: 1. It became a foundation for modern sciences, especially chemistry. The main goal of the Alchemists was to find a way to change ordinary metals into precious one such as gold and silver.

Atomic model

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Niels Bohr and Quantum Mechanics

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Niels Bohr's atom model turns Original montaged footage from the film 'The year celebration of the Niels Bohr model of the Atom'. Niels Bohr is on the right.

Niels Bohr - Atomic Theory, Model & Facts - Biography

The words are by Niels Bohr, the father of the atom as we know it. Niels Bohr had six children.

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One of them, Aage, was awarded the physics Nobel Prize in