The ever increasing number of small firms in this industry draws attention to the importance of entrepreneurship in the tourism and hospitality.

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Essay on Tourism and Hospitality Words 5 Pages. According to Horner and Swarbrook tourism involves travelling or being involved in leisure activities.


Hospitality involves friendly treatment of guests or tourists and is a very important sector in the tourism industry Horner and Swarbrook, Understanding consumer behavior is very crucial towards making decisions about marketing of tourism products and activities. In order to optimize the marketing activity, and thus fully benefit from the tourism industry, it is necessary to understand how consumers make their decisions and the factors that affect the decision making by the tourists.

Moreover, it is crucial to understand consumer tastes at various seasons. The tourism industry changes with seasons. For example, tourism …show more content….

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This is because it is beyond the control of the company and the company chooses that location after the realization of the opportunity. As such, location as a factor towards success of tourism companies should be coupled with other internal factors such as communication, marketing strategy and advertisement. The location of the tourism company plays a great role in the success of any tourism company and in making the company famous.

For example, Penglai is very famous for being along a popular coastline and wine, thus drawing many tourists Crook, The popularity of the place makes the tourists companies within the location become famous since they get advantage of being frequently visited. Only a few years ago you could turn up and queue for maybe half an hour to get in but with the soaring numbers of visitors to the city around 30 million last year anyone who arrives on spec is likely to be disappointed.

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Groups of tourists trail behind their lollipop-waving guides. Street vendors spread out their wares on the pavement — pirated designer sunglasses and tacky memorabilia - until a heavily-armed police patrol moves them on.

Did You Know?

The woman at the door says the wait for people with tickets is around 20 minutes. Barcelona remains a beautiful city, one of the most attractive in Europe, huddled between the mountains and the sea, with a wonderful climate and wealth of architecture and history. It used to pride itself on the quality of its design and was dubbed the capital of cool in the late 20th century. From the moment it was created in the 18th century La Rambla became a place where the wealthy could flaunt their finery and the poor could hustle and everyone could breathe, outside the walls of the crowded mediaeval city.

This is something new.


Last year a consortium was appointed to come up with a plan to attract residents back to La Rambla. They have consulted widely and details of the plan are expected to be published soon, but they have their work cut out. Imagine, if each person spends only one euro. Firstly, the massive influx of tourists to places like historical monuments and pilgrimage centres causes significant damage to these age old structures. Secondly, as tourists carry valuable items with them such as cash, jewelry and other expensive items, they may become the targets of thieves and other anti-social elements.

Hence tourism also has many disadvantages which can be eliminated by the government if they ensure proper security measures and timely maintenance of popular tourist spots.

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I personally believe that the advantages of tourism outweigh its disadvantages. Do you have an essay on this topic? Submit it below in the comments for a free band score estimate. Your grammar mistakes could be lowering your score in the writing module. Want to avoid those mistakes? It is an easy reference book with entries arranged in alphabetical order.